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Membership Extensions – Are They Right for Your Chapter?


Before you make the quick decision to offer membership extensions, ask some questions that make sure the move is the right one.

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Are you Getting the Right Information? 4 Ways to Collect Better Meeting Feedback


Do you know the real reasons people attend your events? If you’re not giving them what they want, they may go somewhere else to get it.

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How Many Members Do You Have?


Are you satisfied with the size of your membership? Focusing on the members you have isn’t enough. Learn proven strategies to increase the number of individuals who join your chapter.

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National Perspective on Member Value eBook

A National Perspective on Member Value

How to Maximize Membership Value Perception by Balancing Local Autonomy and National Support.

Get insight into how to find the autonomy balance for your association, share member value attribution with chapters, and solve the data dilemma so that you can build and develop successful chapters within your organization.

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Membership Data

Keep Your Membership Data Updated

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StarChapter has partnered with associations to offer membership record sharing options. Associations can select to utilize our StarChapter Membership APIs or StarChapter Membership Data.

The StarChapter Membership APIs allow for two-way, real-time synching of member and prospect data between your orgnaization’s AMS application and the local affiliates that use StarChapter, saving everyone valuable time and ensuring data accuracy. The APIs require initial development on the organization’s side to integrate with your AMS application. Use of the StarChapter APIs is included in your chapters’ subscription.

StarChapter provides an easy way to keep membership data in sync between national and the local chapters. Setting up StarChapter Membership Data Sync maintains accurate and consistent data. This automation will save board members valuable time.

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StarChapter helps chapter leaders save time, engage members, and grow by streamlining the management of the chapter.


    Our members are volunteers and their time is precious to them even if it’s not compensated monetarily. As a result of the time savings of the new auto-import features of StarChapter [StarChapter Data Membership Sync], our members likely have more time..."

    Brian Unrein, ASHRAE National

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