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Consider Your Content as Part of Your Website Redesign


Develop a website update plan to ensure your new site is engaging both in how it looks and what it says and drives visitors to pages you want them to interact with.

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A Website Checklist Helps Your Members as Much as Your Volunteers


A website checklist provides your volunteers with a structure and a process. Work on your website gets completed at the same level of quality, no matter who does it.

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Keeping Your Chapters Aligned


Associations with chapters rely heavily on those chapters to drive their mission, through their local and regional presence and support and their on-the-ground member and community engagement.

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National Perspective on Membership Value eBook

A National Perspective on Member Value

How to Maximize Membership Value Perception by Balancing Local Autonomy and National Support.

Get insight into how to find the autonomy balance for your association, share member value attribution with chapters, and solve the data dilemma so that you can build and develop successful chapters within your organization.

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Strengthen Your Brand

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StarChapter has partnered with various associations to offer a pre-approved website layout to all of their chapters to use for brand consistency. We work with the association and their current brand guidelines to develop layout options tailored to that association.

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StarChapter helps chapter leaders save time, engage members, and grow by streamlining the management of the chapter.


    PMI is represented globally with over 300 chapters around the world. It’s important that the chapters maintain a close connection to the PMI Masterbrand...we aim to create a consistent look and feel across chapter websites, that also has consistencies with in the primary elements of the brand - colors, fonts, image style and use of brand symbols. This creates a seamless experience for chapter website visitors and strengthens the PMI brand worldwide.”

    Sue Verica PMI Brand Marketing

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