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Board Dysfunction – Know How to Use It


Board personality differences can help you meet the mission of your chapter if you know the source of dysfunction and can figure out how to use it to your advantage.

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Interviews Are a Must for Board (and Chapter) Success


An open board position doesn’t mean you hire the first person that raises their hand. Taking the time to interview the candidate(s) will help ensure you get the best person for the job.

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Board Job Descriptions: Why You Need Them


Without board job descriptions, members can’t easily decide if they want a board role. Chapters may also have stressed board members ill-prepared for their jobs. Or both. Written board job descriptions deliver tangible benefits.

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National Perspective on Member Value eBook

A National Perspective on Member Value

How to Maximize Membership Value Perception by Balancing Local Autonomy and National Support.

Get insight into how to find the autonomy balance for your association, share member value attribution with chapters, and solve the data dilemma so that you can build and develop successful chapters within your organization.

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Chapter Leadership

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Explore all the services StarChapter offers to decrease the potential negative impact from the local chapter volunteers’ transitions.

Our team of StarChapter Support Advisors are here to provide the ongoing support, training, and guidance that your local chapter volunteers need.

Local chapter voluneteers have access to our on-demand board trainings. Our mission is to help local leaders of associations and one of the ways we do that is ensuring that you get the most out of the StarChapter software. We offer a variety of on-demand board trainings such as Content, Communications, Membership, and Meetings Training. You can also schedule a dedicated training for your board as needed.

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    It is a cost-effective way to manage association information, particularly with officer transitions. It also allows for quick and easy web site updates and various notifications to different member types. It has made membership information management and document retention a breeze as well!"

    Jennifer DuPlessis, North Texas Facilities Services Association President

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