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5 Ideas to Improve Networking for Your Association Member Engagement


With all the virtual meetings people are required to attend, for them to choose and actually enjoy your events, you’ll need to kick things up a few notches. Here are some fun virtual ideas for your next association chapter meeting.

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When Was Your Association Chapter’s Last Virtual Presence Audit?


A virtual presence audit can help get your online presence on track. Here are three areas to review to see how you’re performing, along with some ideas for closing gaps.

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Why You Should Consider Including Philanthropy as a Membership Engagement Best Practice in the “New Normal”


Here are 4 ideas for supporting your members under significant stress, like what many are experiencing with the current COVID19 pandemic.

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Boost Event Attendance eBook

5 Steps to Boost Event Attendance

Do you always see the same people at each meeting?
Over the years we have worked with a LOT of board volunteers who focus on improving their chapter. Through our relationships with board volunteers we’ve developed, 5 Steps to Boost Event Attendance. This guide was specifically designed for local chapter leaders like you who want to learn new ways to boost attendance at events and meetings.

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Giving your members all of the resources, they need to engage online: event registration, forums, blogs, members only content, and more.

We have built in the ability to limit unnecessary emails. A big proponent of email fatigue that many members face. With StarChapter your members will begin to expect communication that is relevant to them, which will increase your engagement rate.

Make it easier for members to engage with your chapter by offering a seamless registration process.

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StarChapter helps chapter leaders save time, engage members, and grow by streamlining the management of the chapter.


    I like the ability to have the meeting information, registration, etc all in one place. It allows our chapter to keep in touch with members in an easy to use format."

    Kristin Culliton, Chapter President, AFWA - Wichita Chapter 88


    StarChapter has dramatically improved our membership engagement by providing a very professional looking website and meeting registration process as well as simple ways to stay in contact with members through emails, newsletters, etc. We also have streamlined our meeting and conference management and payment systems and can see at-a-glance who is registered and how the meeting is tracking."

    Capterra, Verified Reviewer


    The chapter is better able to reach its members on a regular basis."

    Kristin C., AFWA Wichita

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