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When You Volunforce Members, Bad Things Happen


When members are forced into taking positions, the end result could be devastating to the board and your chapter. Make your volunteer needs enticing and engaging and get more people to step into roles willingly.

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5 Ways to Revamp Your Volunteer Program


We often hear about the struggle chapter leaders have when recruiting volunteers. A lot of times it’s the simple things that have the most impact. Check out our 5 ideas to help revamp your program.

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Perks That Show How You Value Your Volunteers


Volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization and critical to your chapter’s success. Show volunteers and your entire membership that you value all they do for your chapter, with a few perks that keep them feeling engaged and ready to help again.

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Where's the New Guy eBook 2

Where's the New Guy?

How to Overcome The 3 Biggest Obstacles to An Effective Chapter Volunteer Program

The state of volunteerism is in a decline but, your chapter’s volunteer program doesn’t have to be. In this whitepaper we will share tips on how to overcome common obstacles to get more volunteers and how to structure your volunteer program so that will increase engagement with your members. Improving the new guy’s participation in your volunteer program goes a long way toward turning new members into long-term, active participants.

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Ineffective Volunteer Recruitment

Attract More Volunteers

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It’s nearly impossible to recruit volunteers if you are not asking for them. List out your volunteer opportunities on your website and get more members involved.

We have empowered you with the ability to ask questions alongside your event registration process. You can specifically target members to ask them if they are interested in volunteering.

Use the built-in filtering options to target the right recipients with your email marketing. Selecting for example those members that have been attending your events. They are more likely to want to get more involved.

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StarChapter helps chapter leaders save time, engage members, and grow by streamlining the management of the chapter.


    I've used Star Chapter now for 10 years. Over this time things have gotten much better and easier to use. It is important to small chapter associations with multiple volunteers to make something simple they can use, and then actually do use it to get things done."

    Debbie Reece, Chapter Executive Manager, IFMA Denver Chapter


    Professional societies are run by volunteers. Star Chapter respects people's time and makes running the chapter easy."

    Bill Chalmers, Account Executive, HAAHE, ASHRAE


    StarChapter has streamlined our volunteer organization's processes and saved each of us time - which is important as volunteers! It's eliminated the use of an email campaign system and invoicing system. It has streamlined our communication with the newsletter feature, and contacting members and non-members with the email templates makes our roles simpler. I love that each of our board members are learning how to maintain their own pages through StarChapter's Knowledgebase. Everything you need to know is in there and it's presented in a style that's easy to read, follow and understand…"

    Tracey Hoover, Communications Co-Director, Website Chair, SMPS Wisconsin


    We are a 100% volunteer organization with limited resources, and StarChapter has provided us with a robust platform which took the place of 3 separate services we were using - event registration service, email software, and website management - saving us thousands of dollars annually, and decreasing our staff time by at least 50%! We could not be happier."

    Eric Bergman, President, CMSA Chicago

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