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What are merchant accounts and gateways?

A merchant account is a bank account that allows a merchant (you) to accept credit card payments. The gateway is what is used in place of a 'swiper' because online payments are typed by the purchaser into your website. The gateway service then securely lets StarChapter know if the transaction is valid or declined and then lets the merchant account know to process the proper payments to be ultimately deposited into your organization’s bank account.

What are payment services (also called payment aggregators)?

Payment services allow a merchant (you) to accept payments, similar to traditional merchant accounts and gateways. Traditionally, ecommerce required both a merchant account and gateway that needed to be integrated and, in many cases, you would have to interact with multiple vendors each with a challenging setup. Payment services replaces all of this and has a simpler application process.

Why do I need a merchant account and a gateway or payment service?

You need a merchant account and a gateway or payment service to accept credit card payments on your StarChapter website. If you choose not to accept credit cards, you do not need one of these. You can still use StarChapter to keep track of all your check and cash payments.

What if I don't know what gateway we currently use?

Sometimes this was set up by a past board member and it is common not to know. A simple way to find out is to look at your bank and merchant bank statements to determine what is currently being used by the chapter. Or you can contact your merchant provider and ask them what gateway you are currently using and what the username and password are to access your account online.

What are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees are not charged by StarChapter. Your payment provider will charge you a combination of a flat fee per transaction and a percentage fee of the sale.

What credit cards can be accepted on my website?

When you set up your merchant account you can choose to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. American Express requires a separate registration process that your merchant account provider can help with. With a payment service, all of these are typically included without separate registration.

Who will help us with our merchant account?

StarChapter is always there to help you with our software service, but your merchant account will be fully supported by your merchant account provider from underwriting, set up, training, and statement reporting.

Is ecommerce with StarChapter safe and secure?

StarChapter is PCI compliant and audited regularly. Full credit card numbers are not stored by StarChapter, rather they are passed to the secure gateway using encryption to protect the transferred data.