Is Generational Marketing Part of Your Plan?

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Is Generational Marketing Part of Your Plan

How easy is it to get your members involved in all the great things your chapter does? Are they attending meetings? Networking? Helping advocate for your industry? Or, are you like many chapter organizations who find that the same people step up to help and the rest of your membership just shows up on occasion?

You’re doing great things, so why aren’t your members reacting and jumping to be the first ones to sign up and get involved? It may be that they don’t relate well to how you’re positioning the information you are sending out about all your exciting opportunities.

Think about your audience. If you have been able to do your research, you know a lot of about who they are, and what they like and don’t like. Are you using that information to effectively market your events and your needs to them?

Consider adding generational marketing to your communications plan.

Segmenting your audience by age and generation, and marketing to each specifically and in the ways that resonate with them, could be just what you need. Consider some of these ideas to improve the marketing you do to the generations that make up your membership.

Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964):  These members have been working for a time. Most likely they have more disposable income than other members. Look for ways to upsell your events to them, adding those extra things that make them feel like VIPs. Having a well-known speaker your annual meeting? Plan an event where members can pay more to meet the speaker, get a signed copy of the speaker’s book, and network, to make this group feel like they’re getting an experience just for them.

Gen X (born between 1965-1980):  Building their careers during the last recession, this group tends to be more than a little cost conscious. Between that caution and the fact that they’re beginning to save for retirement, they love to hear about discounts. Offer reduced pricing to your monthly meetings or other events when members register for the whole series at once.

Millennials (born between 1981-1996):  These members run almost everything by their peers before they make a decision to do something or spend money. Share your chapter successes through testimonials and member stories. Give this group what they want to hear through people who have experienced it.

Generation Z (born between 1997-2015):  These are your most technologically savvy members. They do almost everything on their phones, are avid users of social media, and love videos, so take advantage of your online options. Make sure your website is mobile friendly; you’re regularly sending messages through your social channels; and your online content stands out (for the right ways) above any of your competitors, which could include organizations unlike yours that are vying for their time, attention, and money.

With people’s time and attention being pulled in so many different directions, finding the right ways to market to your membership is critical to your ability to remain viable.

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