5 Hybrid Event Ideas for Strong Association Chapter Events

Updated: Jan. 11, 2021  |  Categories: Meetings/Events  

5 Hybrid Event Ideas for Strong Association Chapter Events

Combining in-person and virtual experiences into a single hybrid association chapter event allows you to engage all of your attendees, regardless of where they’re located, with more learning and networking opportunities and greater overall interactions. Attendees who might not come to a traditional in-person meetings will still be able to attend and appreciate your association chapter event. Hybrid events are an essential part of the “new normal” in the association chapter space adding to your membership engagement best practices.

Here are five hybrid event ideas that can help you improve your association membership engagement strategies, regardless of how they’re tuning in.

5 Hybrid Event Ideas

Golf outing: Many association chapters rely on golf events for fundraising and networking, and hybrid golf events are actually fairly easy to develop and pull off. Whether you’re looking for an event that will provide socially distant member interactions or you want an event that can cover a large area, a virtual golf could be just what your association chapter needs.

Speakers: Remote speakers open up your pool of strong speaker candidates while also saving you money. Consider live streaming your speaker to attendees in one location, which also allows for in-person networking. If you have some members who can’t or won’t attend in person, they can log on to join from wherever they are.  

Awards banquets: There is no reason to cancel your annual association chapter awards banquet. You just need to be creative. Is there a local drive-in movie theater? Hold the event there—deliver the awards live to association chapter members in their cars—and provide snack boxes for people to enjoy, also in their cars. Not only will you hold a fun, memorable event, but it could also be an opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for a struggling local business.

Breakout sessions:  Your meeting can have simultaneous in-person and Zoom breakout sessions, with an assigned industry-related topic or question for everyone to discuss. These types of sessions benefit from having a moderator or even two, to keep everything moving and bring everyone back together. A moderator can also highlight and share information discussed by virtual attendees, fostering conversation and improving engagement.  

Panel discussion:   There are a few different ways to hold effective panel discussions. It really depends on who you’re trying to engage, where they are and the takeaway you’re hoping for. Options include having the panel in a room by themselves and live streamed to all attendees, a remote panel with in-person attendees, and a group of remote panelists and remote attendees. Look at the goals of your event and choose the type of event that makes the most sense.

Customize your experience and expand your reach, by providing those events that your association chapter members and potential members want and need now. If you haven’t already, connect with your members to find out the types of events they’d be willing and interested in attending right now. Hybrid events provide the opportunity for greater numbers of people to engage and interact with your chapter and your message.

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