Fast Track Your Board’s Decision-Making With Affirmations

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Fast Track Your Board’s Decision-Making With Affirmations

Your board. Your committees. Your sponsors. You work together to make, direct, and execute chapter-related activities that help you meet your mission and keep your members engaged.

When you walk into a meeting or pick up the phone to call a person in one of those groups, are you:   

  • Confident, feeling you’ll accomplish all that’s on your agenda?
  • Stressed and anxious, concerned the decisions you need to make won’t happen anytime soon?


If you dread making chapter-related decisions with others because they seem to drag on forever, repeating a positive affirmation before these conversations can make those decisions happen faster.

How can affirmations help your chapter get things done?

The verb “to “affirm” means to state that something is true. As a noun, an affirmation is a practical statement of something you want to happen. Research shows that spending a few minutes repeating a statement (i.e. an affirmation)— individually or with others—and thinking consciously about what you want to happen before a high-pressure situation can decrease stress, calm nerves, increase confidence, and improve the chances for a successful outcome.

Affirmations are useful anytime you want to see positive change, either for yourself, or for a larger group. Let’s say you’re considering changing the time of your monthly meetings from breakfast to lunch, or even making them virtual instead of in person. If you’re like many of our clients, you and the other board members might research and research and burn yourself out thinking about and discussing your options without reaching a decision.

The opportunity costs that come with over-researching something can be high. Often, boards do some research and draw out their decisions for so long that their members miss out on the change providing the desired impact, including getting members and guests more engaged in their attendance of meetings and events. An affirmation, repeated by all involved in the decision before having the conversation can increase the confidence you need to make a decision and decrease your need to work out all answers to every possible scenario (some of which might never happen) first.

Affirmations help the board become more comfortable making changes as well as adjusting their reaction to a change in the future if needed, like when you see that moving to virtual meetings is catching on, but the time of the meeting needs to be tweaked to allow for more people to attend.

A sample affirmation

We’ve heard positive feedback from several StarChapter clients who use board affirmations. They’ve seen a difference in the speed at which they make decisions, as well as the strength of those decisions. To help you get started, we’ve developed this basic affirmation. Feel free to adjust it as needed to meet the needs of your situation.

As an elected board member, I’m in an important role and I’m worthy of, and qualified for, the honor. 

 I’ve been elected to use my experience, motivation, and enthusiasm for the chapter to increase engagement, attendance, revenue, and the value we provide our members.

 I am empowered to bring light on our current situation and our current processes and to make decisions that improve how we function. Making decisions now will allow us to better support the members who care deeply about our profession.

Affirmations, when they’re used regularly, provide a sense of purpose, direction, and confidence and can help your chapter accomplish more in less time. They also provide peace of mind to those making the decisions, by allowing them to feel like they  are the right ones to make it.

Consider repeating your affirmation at the start of every board meeting and including it in your New Board Member Welcome Packet, to focus everyone and remind them why they’re there. We exercise to improve our physical health, so think of affirmations as exercises for our mind and our attitude and motivation to move things forward.

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