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Solutions for Every Organization

StarChapter works for all types of organizations.

StarChapter is a good fit for a wide variety of Membership groups.

Professional & Trade Associations

There are many types of associations, and professional associations have specific requirements and standards to uphold.  StarChapter works very well with professional associations of all types.  We can work with the standards set by national.  All of our tools are geared to help maintain, grow and improve your membership while reducing the amount of time your volunteers or paid administrators spend.

StarChapter is a virtual toolbox for Professiona and Trade membership associations.
We help association management companies run like clockwork and save time.

Association Management Company Software

Allow StarChapter to assist you in your association management. We recognize that your time is valuable.StarChapter can help you increase membership applications and stimulate more activity within your client's membership. Our software can boost your productivity and the organization's revenue while still maintaining a professional feel and look to your website and emails. 

Chamber of Commerce Software

StarChapter is a great solution for local chambers of commerce. You'll have all the tools you need at your disposal.  Our administrative access allows for many or few people to take care of important tasks such as meeting management, updating the website, sending out email communications, and managing membership data.  Plus your members will enjoy new access to their information and ease of use with your new website. 

Membership management made easy for Chambers of Commerce.
StarChapter makes it easy to manage your HOA.

Homeowner's Association Website

Managing and running a homeowner's association is a lot of work.  With volunteer leaders only staying around so long, you need a stable system that is easy to step into and start using.  StarChapter can help free up your time through the use of our membership management programs. Our software is unique, simple and very easy to use. Upload and manage your members in an online format with the ability to keep all your paperwork and membership info in one spot that you can access anywhere. 

Political Action Website

Grass roots is what politics is all about.  Getting people organized, informed and motivated is what's important.  Once you do get that momentum going it is important to stay organized and to maintain a professional look or people will not take your cause seriously. StarChapter can help you do just that.  It can help you with events and registration, fundraising, organizing web content, newsletters and email blasts.  Schedule a free live demonstration today and take your cause to the next level.

Get out the vote with a professional, automated website.
Easily manage any membership or subscription based website.

Subscription & Membership Website Software

StarChapter is a member software that allows board members to manage meeting registrations, payments, membership records, public and private communications, reporting, and much more through one easy-to-use online member software. StarChapter's member software allows you to present your membership information  on a professional, easy to use website, while providing user-friendly administrative and reporting tools.

Churches & Faith Community Websites

Running a church or faith community is no easy task! Between serving your community, processing paperwork, maintaining your members list, and donations, how do you find time? The good news is that StarChapter is here to help you. StarChapter will provide you with the essential tools that you need in order to free up your time while allowing you to run your church smoothly. Our membership management program saves you countless hours managing your membership list. StarChapter's innovative event registration program makes promoting events more successful with our simple and easy to use online format.

StarChapter eases your online faith community tasks.
StarChapter automates the task of running and managing an online Business Directory.

Business Directory Software

StarChapter can be used as a business directory website that can help you keep all your business contact information in one convenient place online, accessed by all or just approved adminstrators. Access this important information from your desk, while in meetings or while on the go from any computer or cellphone with internet connectivity. 

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