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Event Invitation Follow Up

Send Meeting and Event Invites to your Membership and Prospects

Event and meeting invitations and follow-up communications are an absolute necessity to assure their success.  Sending them, however, can be a daunting task.  There is a lot to organize and it can quickly become a chore you avoid.

With StarChapter, you are able to quickly send, and resend, meeting announcements to your association and chapter related events to not only your membership, but to your prospects as well.  You can filter the invitation email to certain target groups, only send to people who have not yet registered, or to only those who did register to a particular meeting.  This is helpful in that you focus on the intended audience and don't pester people who have already registered with annoying reminders.  Furthermore, after an event you can send email just to people who attended or registered with a thank you email or a follow up survey.

Creating the invitation and follow-up emails are a snap with StarChapter because all of the information in the email is gathered automatically for you and formatted into a professionally designed email template for your chapter or organization.